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About this Journal


The Journal of Sport Sciences and Law (former Rivista della Facoltà di Scienze Motorie dell’Università degli studi di Palermo) is a vibrant on line publication by the Sport Sciences School of the University of Palermo, Italy. First published in 2008, the journal gives specific focus to sports law, health, sport sciences and economic aspects in sport, offering the unique opportunity of a multidisciplinary and modern approach to the phenomenon of sport.

The Journal addresses issues of sports law (liability, representation system, alternative dispute resolution, antitrust issues, labor law issues), health and sport sciences (fitness, physical exercise) as well as relevant economic themes related to the area of sport (models of governance, management, accounting of sports organizations; facilities and event management, sport infrastructures; CSR in sport) while maintaining a rigorous grounding in law and science. The journal includes solicited content from lectures as well as unsolicited submissions, notes and comments, book reviews and recent developments in the areas mentioned above.


The Journal of Sport Sciences and Law is published two times a year, and full text PDFs of the articles in each volume are available on this website upon publication of the journal. To maintain a high standard, our publication system is based on a peer review, double blind system. Indeed, the Editorial Advisory Board includes distinguished scholars of different disciplinary areas from several well-known academic institutions across the world.

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